Our passion at IMK is to collect and share the stories behind sustainable materials and explore their connection with the environment, communities and industries. We are a collective of designers, researchers and enthusiastic individuals examining traditions and innovation who are eager to contribute sustainable solutions for textiles and fashion.

We value the power of stories to inspire choices for more holistic and sustainable living. Here are three crucial messages that form a template for our ethos:

  1. Understand the life cycle of products; there are many innovative ways to learn about products’ life cycles and we are sharing their journey here so that we can discover more about them. Knowledge is empowering!
  2. What goes around should come around; we believe that by following circular design concepts to maximize the life of a product, without wasting its value, we can generate a world of wealth.
  3. Diversify to balance; in the path to sustainability there is an urgency to function within a diversity of materials. Just see how nature has done this over millennia to keep systems in balance.
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