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Sustainability is dynamic, co-evolving, community-based and supports constant transforming life-sustaining processes.

Sustainability ambassadors  Since 2005

We are a dedicated, geographically diverse team with a global perspective. Spanning across London, Ibiza, and Colombia, we are an integral part of a dynamic community of professionals and experts. Together, we are forging connections and fostering sustainable and regenerative ways of living and being..


Welcome to our Sustainable Consultancy Community,  we’re more than a team; we’re a diverse community bound by trust, collaboration, and a commitment to making sustainability not only effective but enjoyable.

Our mission is to bring your vision to life by crafting integrated environments that leave a lasting impression. We don’t just offer services, we create memorable journeys.

Expert Consultancy for All Sectors

Whether you’re in academia, government, or the creative industries, we’re here to support you. Our consultancy services, available both one-on-one and in group settings, are designed to meet your unique needs. 

We apply established frameworks to deliver tangible outcomes, including comprehensive mapping and insightful reports. Allow us to be your compass on the voyage to lasting sustainability. 

Advisory themes/routes for projects, products and enterprises


Discover your current sustainability status and potential as we navigate through multiple levels, pinpointing your position in the sustainability landscape. Even if you’re well-established, this exploration is your strategic starting point.


Identifying Vitality, Flows, and Integrity Points – Aligning them with your true purpose over time


Identifying Regeneration and Transformation Opportunities for Enhanced Socio-Ecological Wellbeing.


Crafting Sustainable and Regenerative Solutions with Traceable Community Flows, Supported by Insightful Tools and Platforms


We develop tailored workshops from our pool of expertise networks in regenerative and holistic design, blockchain transparency, embodied conscious art and sustainable literacy.

Alternatively, you can choose our ready-made workshops.

We keep transforming with nature


Inmakulate was born from the love and need to make garments and textiles ethically and ecologically friendly. Our studio was set in East London in the iconic Village Underground and from there we took our first steps into sustainability, working with South American cooperatives and small size enterprises to promote organic cotton, cruelty free alpaca, wool, cruelty free silk and clean bamboo and to offer ethical clothing manufacturing. We worked with several organisations including Textile Exchange and GOTS to develop our own framework for sustainable garment production working with European brands to finance community projects in Colombia and Peru.


After our first 5 years, we learnt that not doing bad was simply not enough and deepened our research and activities into circularity and ecology. We slowed our international production and focused on working in local projects mainly based in the UK. We began our exploration with a wider range of sustainable materials, introducing up-cycling, re-pairing and recycling. Next to making, we began to offer workshops and continued connecting and collaborating with organisations to increase awareness of the negative impact of single-use plastics collaborating with a two year pilot project in the north of Colombia.


During the celebration of our first decade we committed to our journey into regenerative development and regenerative design. We introduced Biomimicry and system thinking into our strategies and designed new workshops that integrated inner-sustainability in practical ways. We also participated in a variety of think tanks that looked at the impact of decentralised community-focused, locally-based regenerative projects, extending our networks to offer tailored services that potentialize the local and regional. We closed the decade developing a project exploring biomaterials and agriculture waste as a resource through this our relationship with regenerative agriculture was reinforced.

2020- now

More than ever, these are times that require all of us to act with immediacy and participate in true regenerative ways of living. We have a big task now, and in the future, to redesign many areas of human systems including business, economy, resources, energy, government, sovereignty, land and ocean recovery.  Sustainable development goals is not enough, we are committed to the regenerative change of systems implementing action research and practice.